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Geek!ng Out: Managed WP hosting | 1-click DEMO eShop | Skroutz ready | VIVA Payments | ACS courier | SSL | CDN | ClusterCACHE | Docker


Ideal to start your new eShop!

from from € 25 € 20.83
25 20.83 /month /month
  • 1 eShop
  • 10GB Full SSD disk space
  • 30K visits/ month
  • 5 email accounts
  • Features
FREE with the yearly plan
  • Free DV SSL for the 1st year

30 days money back guarantee


Better performance and speed
for eShops with daily orders!

from from € 79 € 65.83
79 49.17 /month /month
  • 1 eShop
  • 20GB Full SSD disk space
  • 100K visits/ month
  • 5 email accounts
  • Features
FREE with the yearly plan
  • Free DV SSL for ever
  • Free Domain for ever
  • ACS Courier discount

30 days money back guarantee


Ideal for XL eShops and demands for resources and security!

from from € 229 € 190.83
229 140.83 /month /month
  • 1 eShop
  • 30GB Full SSD disk space
  • 500K visits/ month
  • 5 email λογαριασμοί
  • Premium Features
FREE with the yearly plan
  • Free DV SSL for ever
  • Free Domain for ever
  • ACS Courier discount

30 days money back guarantee

WooCommerce plans include

Standard features

  • Free transfer to Papaki
  • 99.9% Server Uptime
  • Managed Updates
  • Free SSL with every plan
  • Free CDN
  • 100€ Google AdWords
  • Email | Live Chat | Phone Support
  • Daily Backup
  • 1-click Restore

Technical features

  • Multi Datacenter hosting
  • Ultra fast Full SSD servers
  • Docker
  • Instant Staging
  • ClusterCACHE
  • SFTP Access
  • Log files
  • Daily S3 Backups
  • php MyAdmin
  • MySQL
  • Antispam solutions
  • Automatic Malware Detection & Removal
  • Webmail/SMTP/IMAP/POP3

Found only at Papaki

  • Free Domain for ever
  • Free DV SSL for ever
  • ACS Courier ready
  • Skroutz Ready WooCommerce

Distinguished in E-volution Awards 2019

in the category Services & Infrastructure of E-commerce Platforms

Creating and managing your eShop has been made easy!

WooCommerce made simpler

Ready in 1 click with WordPress and WooCommerce. The most important plugins have been already activated for you, in addition to the free Storefront theme. Also, demo content has been added to guide you through the creation of your own eShop!

Easy eShop management

Upload products, follow your orders, fix your shipping costs and accept card payments through connection with your bank (Piraeus or Eurobank).

Extra features

Your eShop is growing bigger with you! While you gain more experience and knowledge, you will discover more and more optimisation features. Hundreds of themes and plugins are available so that you add on your eShop whatever you can imagine!

Tech friendly

We <3 Open Source! Developers around the world are working day and night in order to improve WooCommerce. If you are also a developer or a tech geek, you will love how easy the Rest API & custom AJAX endpoints are, but also the GitHub repository of WooCommerce for contribution!

Always available, secure and fast

Managed WordPress Hosting

Specially tailored and managed hosting for WordPress & WooCommerce. Maximum uptime, enhanced security and optimised update process of core and plugins, including vigilant testing of critical changes and automatic or manual updates. Our hosting runs on Docker and it is based on PCI compliant Amazon servers.

Maximum speed

Speed = sales + better SEO! We give your eShop wings with the most up-to-date technologies: NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP 7 and CDN. We also use ClusterCache and full SSD servers.


You are in control of your own files through sFTP and the whole eShop is built with the open source technologies of WordPress and WooCommerce, offering you uncountable optimisation potentials.

Daily backups

Everyday, you receive an automated, encrypted backup of your eShop which is safely archived in Amazon! Is the end of the world approaching? Don’t worry -with the 1 click restore you can retrieve it straight away!

In Papaki we give you a solution for everything

Easy and direct payments

You can accept all payment methods! Papaki’s developers created payment plugins with a credit card through Eurobank and Piraeus bank. In addition, there are three pre-installed payment methods -PayPal, money transfer and cash on delivery- but also hundreds of plugins in order to add the methods you prefer, for example Amazon Payments, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Braintree, and more.

Safety in transactions

With every annual plan you get a free SSL certificate for your eShop so that you can offer full safety in your transactions. In this way, your clients’ personal details are being encrypted and they feel more secure that your eShop is keeping their privacy. In addition, Google will love you even more!

Joining forces with ACS

Papaki is collaborating with ACS Courier, the most reliable delivery company in Greece, and ensures you special prices for the secure delivery of your products to their destination. After purchasing your eShop plan, the ACS team will get in touch with you with an offer for your online store.

Working together with Skroutz

We collaborate with Skroutz and you get the best out of it! With you WooCommerce eShop you get pre-installed and for free the Skroutz XML plugin, to easily sell your products on their platform, and the Skroutz analytics plugin, to follow your eShop’s performance on Skroutz. Papaki turns WooCommerce into a hassle-free, up-to-date and flexible platform for you, to sell your products online!

WordPress & WooCommerce usage statistics


59% of the websites worldwide use WordPress


More than 41% of all ecommerce websites use WooCommerce


94% of WordPress ecommerce websites are using WooCommerce, WordPress & WooCommerce usage statistics

It is the great WP community!

A massive community of WordPress technicians, developers, designers and simple users, works and creates on WP & WooCommerce and they are available to help you at any time!

And there is more! WooCommerce has a vast documentation data base on issues that may have been troubling you. There are also Support teams all around the world, ready to assist you on technical issues that have to do with your eShop.

But you can also do it yourself! A big number of videos already exist and new ones are constantly being made which guide you, step by step, so that you easily complete actions for your eShop.

And don’t forget! Papaki’s awarded customer support is here to help you purchase your plan and check any hosting issues you might be facing. Direct, qualified and speaking your language -our people love WordPress and would be happy to assist you!

Tutorial videos

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