Have you registered your .ME domain?

21 April 2016, by


.ME is… me and you too! It is currently one of the most customized and personalized TLDs, that is why it acquires more and more fans around the world!

Once more, this popular domain extension has several reasons to celebrate.

Facebook loves .ME

You are probably one of the 900 million active users of Facebook’s Messenger App! A great number of messages is exchanged everyday through users and businesses. In order to facilitate this communication here comes the M.ME Messenger Links. Each Facebook page gets a short and easy username  (m.me/username) that, when clicked or typed in, opens a conversation with that business in Messenger. Read this article for more info.

Why should you get a .ME?

The specific TLD is experiencing rapid growth reaching the 1 million .ME domains! But what makes the .MEs so popular?

  • A .ME domain is unique and and special – it is YOU!
  • They are short and easily remembered.
  • You can easily create a call-to-action or a domain hack.

Another important reason why you should register now your .ME domain is the Papaki’s ‘do-not-miss’ offer: only 7,90€ instead of 19,90€.

To finish, I kept this interesting and fun infographic with tips and useful info about .MEs and how they reached the 1 million domains. Click the image below to see the whole infographic.


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