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24 May 2017, by

Υοu know it, for almost 13 years. You trust it. You recognize it among dozens of brands. And suddenly one day, out of the blue, instead of “” you see in your browser a ““. You are trying hopelessly to retype, but still it redirects at .com. Do not be upset! Behind this change, there is a goal, and a vision we want to fulfil.

We have learned to move on, constantly evolve ourselves, guided by our will to offer the best customer experience. I am guessing that you have already red posts about our vision in our blog: we want to make as many “Happy. People.Online” as it is possible around the world, with our awesome services and our friendly customer support! In that phrase “around the world” lies the “secret” that made us change our TLD. :)

All these years you trust and support us! We grow up together and we enjoy getting self-improved because this is the only way to provide you the best services. That is why we should keep on moving forward. For a long time now, we were thinking to take a big step, and expand our company worldwide. Moreover, we already have customers in 105 countries and we consider that it worths to try a strategical approach to reach new markets.

Small efforts had been made in the past, but until now we did not dare to do this: change our domain. A change at our TLD, a .COM instead of a .GR -a small step for us, a big step of getting closer to accomplish our vision. You will reasonably think “But with a name like this -Papaki (little duck)- why you think you can make an international career?”. We were very preoccupied with this matter, we discussed it a lot, until we came to the conclusion that is better to “knock” on the door of another market with a brand, already established in our country. Maybe Papaki doesn’t mean anything in other languages -if you have a different opinion and you know more about it, now it’s time to talk- but surely makes the difference between all domain or hosting oriented URLs. For us, this is a bet. A strategic decision we will defend with passion!

Besides the TLD, nothing else is changed in Papaki. Our headquarters is still here, in Greece, in sunny Heraklion. Our culture and values, fixed and unchangeable, continue to express ourselves. Our vision, to help more people to make their dreams come true online, is strengthened.

We want you to be by our side, so we can continue walking this path together! We need you to express your opinion about our services, products and our Support team through our blog and our social media channel.

The here is to make more people Happy Online!

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