We cut New Year’s Cake and it burst with… imagination!


01 February 2019, by

For us at Papaki, and generally for the people in Enartia Group which we are part of, the Cutting of  New Year’s Cake (Vasilopita) is not something that must be done in the beginning of every year. On the contrary, we want to live it like an unforgettable experience. It is an exceptional motive for us to learn new things, get inspired, have fun and share moments like a big family!

With that in mind, the HR department had to plan the best for this year’s event! Now that we have enjoyed everything, we thought it would be a great idea to share with you more details, so that you get to know us better or get inspired for your upcoming events.


Main motto of the event: Imagine ‘19! We saw it printed on the invitations received in our inbox, as soon as we got back from vacations. The date had been set for January 13 (we may have broken a record there!), at a well-established hotel in Heraklion Crete –where our headquarters are.

Meanwhile, the gifts for the event had to be arranged. Not only the ones corresponding to the 4 (!) hidden coins in Vasilopita, but also those everyone would find in their seats. When it came to the coins, there were gift cards from favorite stores that had been evaluated as the best option. And as for the gifts handed over to all of us, the Marketing department started up the engine and worked full speed (always in absolute discretion)!

The event

We started gathering at about 3 in the afternoon. We had some coffee, chatted about our news (let’s not forget that we also have remote colleagues) and soon we found our seats, as the event was about to begin. First part involved presentations, followed by the second part featuring a self-improvement session and then the third part… party!


Presentations may seem like the dullest part, but they weren’t and we speak the truth! First speaker was Dimitris Anthoulakis, CEO and co-founder of Enartia, who talked to us about everything we have accomplished in 2018. He shared with us data, giving us the opportunity to view our course as a whole, as well as comprehend the company’s standing in Greece and the world. After that, it was time for President, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Enartia, Frank Maounis. He spoke to us about the future and the goals we wish to achieve.


Through these two speeches, we came to realize that this year “Imagine” will be in our to-do list. How would we like things to be, what would we want to happen, so as to become even better? We turn imagination ON! This is what the managers of each department motivated us to do, while they presented the year that had come to an end through a prompt synopsis and set the goal for the year that has just arrived.

Common ground of all the speeches has been the fact that not only the positive stuff has been highlighted. Mistakes are part of the equation and nobody has neglected mentioning them, in their own version of how to deal with them in a way that promotes the optimal outcome possible! Let’s Imagine!

Self-improvement session


Then, we had a break before welcoming friends, relatives and the author, success coach, creator of the Island of Man philosophy (IslandofMan Success Philosophy), Nicolas Smyrnakis!

Mr. Smyrnakis told us about self-leadership and leadership, shared with us some advice on daily routine, inspired us to move towards what each of us may desire. “Do something more than what others expect of you. More than what you expect of you”, he said. “A way to be happy is to bring the best of you in anything you do. You do not do your employer, your children, your companion a favor, but yourself!”


After keeping notes and exchanging views about everything we had heard all this time, party was next. At the venue next door, there were lots of treats along with the Vasilopita, uplifting music and a mirror booth by Mirror Booth Εvents.

The Cutting of Vasilopita was fast, with the announcement of winners, but the party was not over. We took pictures non-stop, while… the “floss” we kept seeing on the Mirror Booth screen was the reason why, at some point, we gathered and attempted to dance like that. We laughed so hard, as most of us could not keep up in sync (we do not share the videos for apparent reasons).

And this is how the evening came to an end, unlike our appetite for even greater accomplishments. We continue on our course, in this team, moving towards a future that is bursting with challenges!

What we surely wish to share with you company owners, is how important it is to take care of your people. Do not forget that! Keep your staff up-to-date with the goals and achievements of your company – such an update is not only needed amongst top executives! Find opportunities to create pleasant moments, which will bring wide smiles and strengthen the bonds of the team.

If on the other hand you don’t have your own company… take a look at our current job openings, and who knows? Maybe you are in the next group photo of ours!


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