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21 August 2019, by

In a dictionary of the contemporary Greek internet, right by the term GRNOG a paragraph would appear, stating: “Greek Community of professionals dealing with the design, implementation, provision, and operation of the structures, networks and services of the Greek Internet”.

Many pages earlier, Enartia would be accompanied by the following: “Group of companies aiming at providing amazing online solutions. Holding company of Papaki, proud member of GRNOG community”.

Such a dictionary, of course, has not been issued yet. To that end, we have thought of filling out the void and letting you in on a few more details regarding a community that we consider to be valuable for Greek Internet, as well as the relationship we have cultivated over the years.

GRNOG: A vibrant community

GRNOG is the communication hub of the Greek digital ecosystem. Internet Service Providers join their path there (ΟΤΕ, Wind, Forthnet) along with other content providers (just like us, Hostmein, Skroutz).

This is not just a meeting where you say “hi” and go away. It is productive, interesting and leads to a better Greek Internet – this is not an exaggeration. GRNOG is the ultimate place for exchanging views and experiences, among professionals of the industry. Since you are part of them, you can openly express a question and have it resolved by somebody who knows about that. In addition, you can share your experience and know-how, so as to help somebody not to waste any time.

GRNOG tools

The basic ways in which GRNOG achieves all the above are the following: email list and an annual event. Yes, these are two fundamentally simple things that make a difference!

As far as the email list is concerned, this is where all the questions and solutions to the problems are hosted, along with valuable pieces of information. The community members ask, answer, share knowledge, so as not to be stuck behind a desk or within just a group, but spread to all professionals who may need it.

The same members have the opportunity to talk in person once a year at the relevant event hosted by GRNOG. This is a day that offers the opportunity for networking (over 100 members attend the event), as much as listening to speeches regarding specialized matters and more generic issues (for example, Artificial Intelligence).

Enartia and GRNOG: A match made in heaven!

Εnartia is the holding company of Papaki and could not miss out on the opportunity to join a vibrant and active community like that. The passion for what we do, our choice to constantly aim at our self-improvement and the desire to share our knowledge, these are all elements that have led us to the path of GRNOG. Our mentality and culture are spot on!

Our team members actively take part in the discussions held at GRNOG mailing list. They share and receive information, contributing to the maintenance or even boost of the community’s dynamics.

But apart from the mailing list, Enartia also supports GRNOG at the physical events hosted. Our staff are there, without having to use their vacation time. And if they require travel, which is very likely since we are based in Heraklion Crete, all the provisioned expenses are covered (airplane tickets, accommodation etc.) by our Group!

We believe that GRNOG boasts unique dynamics and we will continue on supporting it with all our strength. If you work in a company of this niche, we firmly suggest that you request your registration and join the community too. You will find that this is a place where everybody wins, with the Greek Internet benefiting greatly from such a community!

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