7 ways to grow your brand online with Quora

03 March 2021, by

Quora may seem like the underdog of social media platforms. However, its growing community of users is turning Quora into a great resource for researching and even improving your campaigns.

Quora is a great way for brands to find out some of the main questions and concerns among their current and potential customers. You can then use this information to design your future content and make sure that it serves your audience. Another great way to use this social platform is to demonstrate your expertise in your industry and improve your brand image by answering questions.
Aside from all this, if used appropriately, Quora also gives you an opportunity to influence users. They can start thinking about their problems in a new way which directs them towards your product niche. You can use their questions to explain how your product can help in solving their problem.

Here are a few tips to use Quora for brand building.

1. Build a great website

To build a brand, you first need a solid foundation and that starts with your website. This is not just about designing a beautiful website with great content -it’s also about taking care of “little” things such as your domain name. With hundreds of choices, you can give your brand a great name that will help it stand out.
For example a tech website could have a .TECH, an online store could use a .STORE, co-working spaces, or creative agencies could opt for .SPACE.

2. Create an asset by using Quora

You need to make sure that your business is present on various channels that your audience frequently visits, including Quora. Building a robust profile on the platform means creating an asset that can help build your brand image over time.

Fill in the necessary details for your Quora profile:

  • Add an enticing bio
  • Add a call-to-action to a landing page
  • Add a link to your best work or answers and favorite topics

Once this is ready, start interacting with people. Your activity on Quora will slowly get noticed by its community, and the good answers will get spotted and maybe upvoted or shared. Users will eventually start following you and some would even visit your website to see what you have to offer.

3. Use Quora as a branding channel

Quora can be used as a great distribution channel which could help improve your blog traffic and boost your brand awareness. Use segments from your blog posts to answer questions on Quora, and link them back to your post. If the readers want to dive in and read about a specific issue in detail, they can click and land on your blog post. This helps you build your brand presence but also directs relevant traffic to your blog post. Consider the following points to enhance your branding efforts in Quora:

  •  Become an expert in a specific niche or topic by answering questions
  • Build a following audience through Quora’s social networking features
  • Drive people back to your site to make them regular visitors
  • Provide solutions to users and strengthen your brand image

4. Use photos to engage your audience

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make on Quora is writing long answers without using pictures. What a single image can do a 500-words long answer can’t.
Successful Quora users choose great pictures to support their answers. Some go as far as to create new unique images for every answer in order to get their point across.
Besides, in a list view of answers, the first picture will appear as a thumbnail along with the text preview. Readers can be easily attracted to it and even get enticed to click and read through the whole thing.

5. Don’t just answer, ask questions too

Quora is not just about answering but also raising your own questions. In fact, some would say, questions are more important than answers. Quora works with a spirit of competitiveness that encourages people not only to provide good answers but even ask relevant questions. The value resides in the fact that you have an interesting and intriguing question to ask and get feedback from the Quora users.
Having deep knowledge of key questions concerning your business would provide a great advantage. Just focus on asking the right question and let the answers flow in.

6. Carefully address Quora’s “knows about” topics section

Even though the “knows about” section is technically a part of your Quora profile, its role is much more than just illustrating your qualifications. This section’s purpose is to show all topics that you are familiar with or interested in.
These topics will also help you find relevant questions that you can answer. While editing this section you can search for topics and keywords related to your industry, while finding users that have subscribed to each of those topics.
After adding such topics, you can take a look at the popular questions list that are related directly to each topic. You can find questions that you can then answer. Topics with a medium number of followers (neither a really low nor a huge one) are usually the best ones to add to this section. This will help you get a fairly large reach by writing a useful answer. Even by writing just a few answers on popular topics can get you a lot of exposure on Quora. Completing this section will save you a lot of time later. Instead of searching for relevant questions to answer, you would be using that time to craft valuable answers.

7. Write valuable content

It goes without saying that there’s nothing more powerful than creating valuable content. Even though it might be tempting to write more answers, remember that quality exceeds quantity. Don’t look at every answer as the opportunity to add a backlink to your site. Do it when possible but not at the cost of sharing valuable information. Answer only when you are sure that you can provide value to the readers.
A great way is to focus on one question and look at all the existing answers for it. If what you have to say is only going to reiterate the points already mentioned, there’s no point saying it. However, if you have something to add to the existing answers or you have a completely different angle to present, then go ahead and write it.
Spend some time reading through the popular answers to understand what made readers like those answers in the first place. It will also give you an idea concerning the style and format that popular answers usually share. You don’t have to use the exact same approach as others, but it can always help you figure out what readers usually prefer.


Quora can be a huge help in business brand building and there are lots of tips that can help you improve your results. The key to your Quora success is to serve as a helpful resource. Don’t just go around spamming or Quora could even ban you permanently. Write when required, when you can provide the readers with some value and answer a question genuinely.
Use the above-mentioned tips and tricks and your Quora presence could get stronger.

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