Papaki participated in the National Customer Service Week 2021

04 November 2021, by

For the 5th year in a row, Papaki participated in the National Customer Service Week supported by the National Customer Service Foundation (EIEP)! During the week of October 4-9, besides the offers for our customers, we have planned some surprises for our Support Team and the whole Papaki Team.

As set by the EIEP, this year’s message was “In customer service, we keep up together”. After a difficult year passed, we needed to highlight the value of being “together”. What if we mostly collaborate from distance? That could no way stop us from sharing special moments. 

Games and rewards

When we serve you with a smile, we believe that you smile too. So, in the week’s “menu”, some gifts and fun games were also included. To begin with, we planned a surprise for the first client to reach us on Monday morning. S/he received a free one-year renewal of their services!

For the Support team, the week started with the “True – False” board game. The participants should answer funny knowledge questions with a “true” or “false” answer.  We also practiced our speed and observation skills with “Pictureka” and indulged in virtual battles with the “Battleship” game. Finally, at the end of the week, the winners were all announced and each one received a gift card to buy the board game of their choice.

Talks and activities

At Papaki, we learn, collaborate, and evolve as a team, and this is our magic power. So, during this festive week, we planned some interesting talks, which all members of the Papaki team attended.

Online presentation on ”Inclusion and Diversity” by Clarisse Ndjel-Porchet

Clarisse Ndjel-Porchet, the Chief Human Resources Officer of the Team.Blue, held an online session titled “Inclusion and Diversity”. She addressed the subject of biases in working places and presented the types of these biases. Then, she highlighted the significance of educating staff to eliminate such behaviors using an interactive quiz. Team.Blue leading group, of which Enartia is a member, operates in more than 13 countries. As Clarisse Ndjel-Porchet pointed out, its culture is focused on diversity, which is the strength of the team, and an endless source of ideas and opportunities for everyone.

Moreover, Manos Pavlakis, Trainer and Consultant on HR issues, had another online presentation this week. During his talk entitled “I listen, I think, I ask”, he encouraged everyone to take part in a challenge designed to boost trust in the team. Assuming we survived a plane crash, we split up into groups. Then, we had to collaborate and figure out how to stay alive with few supplies. Despite “tough circumstances”, we did it!


Surprises for the members of our Customer Support Team

What is more, we had planned surprises! The Support team received some gifts as a “thank you” gesture for their valuable contribution. A thermos, happy socks, and antistress pieces, along with a discount on food orders on Friday, set the tone for the week.

During the Customer Service Week, we welcomed new members, we came closer, and we were filled with positive energy. It is critical for us all at Papaki to keep up together and reward our people so that they can be here for you every day.

If you are tech-savvy and really passionate to find tech solutions, then you are one of us. Check our career page, send your cv and join the Papaki team!

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