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29 November 2021, by

The Internet Governance Forum Greece 2021 took place on 13-14 November at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications (University of Athens), and Papaki was its proud sponsor. The event was hybrid, and everyone could watch it through live streaming. In this article, we share our experience with you, along with some notable moments!

What is IGF Greece

The Internet Governance Forum Greece is a Greek initiative within the international IGF network of the United Nations to exchange information and good practices on the internet and new technologies. Organized by the “Institute for the Internet and the Just Society”, it was under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Government, the Municipality of Athens, and the United Nations.

This year’s event

The IGF was held for the first time in Greece this year, and Papaki couldn’t be but a supporter. Representatives from the private and public sector, academics, technical experts, government, and Civil society participated in an extensive discussion on the governance of the digital environment in Greek and European reality.

The speeches’ main topics

More than 800 people attended the IGF Greece 2021 for free, with the main topic of the event being: How and who governs the Internet in Greece 2021?

Speeches on “Law and the Internet,” “Polyphony on the Internet,” and “Accessibility” provided answers on themes of discussion. The main subjects were: internet security, accessibility, personal data protection, digital transformation of states and businesses, circular economy and e-waste management, and artificial intelligence.

Internet Governance Forum Greece
Elpida Vamvaka during the Workshop “From Concept to Implementation: How to Get Your Idea Online”

Papaki’s Workshop

Apart from the fascinating discussions, the IGF Greece 2021 agenda included intriguing Workshops. Elpida Vamvaka, a Legal Associate at Papaki who is also the President of Homo Digitalis and a member of the IGF Greece Multilateral Committee, participated in one of them. The Workshop “From Concept to Implementation: How to Get Your Idea Online” was presented by Elpida Vamvaka, Konstantinos Hatzistamou from EURid, and George Angelopoulos from IpHost.

This presentation covered the proper selection and registration of a domain name, the significance of a commercial image, web hosting alternatives, and website development. The purpose was for participants to understand how to avoid making typical blunders in their internet presence. So, the Workshop concluded with a fun quiz in the greek language, featuring daily and amusing examples to make participants feel more confident with the domain name selection. Here is one of the examples: when you register a domain name, whose information will you use? Your personal information, your beloved husband’s ones, or your company’s? The correct answer, of course, is the last one! In the end, everyone won a .eu domain.

The Workshop’s message was that everyone could create a digital presence in simple steps. Also, besides that the presenters came from different, even competing companies with many years of experience, there is enough space in technology for everyone.

After having read all the above, you feel sorry to lose this event, right? We have some good news for you. You may watch the presentations online even now, using the link

We hope that IGF Greece will keep up the good work, and we commit to being a supporter of such efforts aiming at a better internet and a better future.


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