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There are many reasons to make a blog. You may see it as a source of income, a hobby, or a personal self-improvement project. You may want to share your interests with other people. Maybe you want to write down your experiences, teach, provide help, or even inspire. Whatever your goal is, in the beginning, you will have no readers, no subscribers, or followers. Every start is difficult. If you are at the beginning or somewhere in the middle, the following tips may help you increase your blog traffic.

Write about topics that your audience is looking for

Use SEO tools for keyword research and find topics your potential blog audience is looking for. Search engines, especially Google, are the greatest tools you have at your disposal for your texts to appear high in the results and for your readers to find you organically.

The point here is always to post articles that answer your audience’s queries. Articles with unique content that people are looking to read. Keyword Research tools will help you find the proper and popular keywords while giving you ideas for new topics.

Extra tip: Google autocomplete can give you a hassle-free overview of the most commonly written phrases in Google Search.

Optimize your titles

An article title often is more important than the content itself. The previous tip for keyword research is related to the title choice. Your article title should include the targeted keyword, ideally in the way people look for it. It will also help you for sure with the organic searches.

Besides seeking the proper keyword, make sure your title appeals to the reader. He has to understand that this article promises to give him something. It could be an answer to a problem, a new perspective, information, etc. A title like “How to do SEO on your blog” delivers a hint contrary to the “SEO on your blog” title.

Become an expert

Whatever your topic matters, make sure you know it in depth. A skin-deep survey will not make a good impression. On the contrary, if you write about topics in which you are an expert, you will create more engagement because people – and Google – will trust you.

Write Consistently

Try to be consistent in how often you upload new articles on your blog. An interesting blog that seems to upload new content will often attract more readers to come back again, save it to their favorites list, follow it, and probably support it.

However, you do not need to fall into the trap of constant flow, especially if it is against quality. Make sure your content is always well-written, even if you need to reduce your articles to two or three a week.

Make your readers bring readers

Give your readers the proper buttons to share an article with friends interested in your content. Create prompts on the site and social media to bring readers through word-of-mouth.

bring readers

Use Guest blogging

Guest blogging is probably the fastest way to become famous. Write to other blogs to bring clicks and recognition to your blog. At the same time, you will gain backlinks, which will help you increase your organic results.

Articles you will write as a guest blogger should indicate your blog topics and aesthetic. But, do not write on topics you have already written before, as it could raise the competition by reducing the views on your blog.

​​Similarly, host on your blog other bloggers with content that interests your audience. It is always important to strengthen relationships with other people working in the same field as you.

Deploy Social Media

Deploy the social media that your audience prefers more. Use your creativity to distribute your blog content appropriately on each channel but for different purposes. It is an ideal way to get readers and an even better way for new readers to discover you through your social content.  

Keep the interest of your audience alive on social media, even when you do not have new content on your blog. Seek to interact with photos, or even better, with videos for higher impact. 

Also, consider Facebook groups, either by building your community in the field you are an expert in or by participating in the existing groups and answering questions of your potential readers.

Do not forget that social media can help you understand what your audience wants to read. The reviews, likes, and shares in a photo can be inspiring for new blog posts.

Email Marketing

First of all, make it easy for your readers to subscribe to your email list with prompts on your blog. Make clear to your subscribers what they will receive from you and how often.

In your newsletters, provide content, not just links. For example, let your subscribers read the first paragraph of a text. It will help you build a better relationship with them and make their clicks more qualitative.

Use newsletter more or less like social media. Offer your subscribers useful content. Your priority should be to make them read you and give time to you, not to enter your site first.

Track Your Analytics

Make sure you track the analytics that is useful to you to optimize your content. Find out which categories your subscribers read more on your site and are worth enriching with new topics. Check which topics prefer your readers depending on the channel (Facebook, Twitter, email, google search) to help you “guide” your content to the right one.

In closing, you need to keep in mind that maintaining a blog and its success is not an easy task. You have to be available to dedicate time, thought, and creativity to bring more readers.

But if you are willing to work on it, you will make it.

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