Papaki was awarded as the top supporter of the .eu Web Awards 2023

.eu Web Awards 2023

29 November 2023, by

Every November, the Papaki team “flies” to Belgium where the EURid’s domain name registry’s big celebration, .eu Web Awards, takes place. So, this year on 16/11 we were in Brussels and at Maison du Bois to applaud the best .eu websites! 

The nominations and the awards  

The day began with a lunch for registrars and continued with inspiring Masterclasses on interesting topics. Notable speakers shared their thoughts and insights on Fake News and misinformation, Artificial Intelligence, and the importance of standing up for democracy in Europe.  

Afterward, the agenda had a necessary break with cocktails and music, and then the award ceremony started. This year, two of our customers managed to climb the final list and claim an award: 

  • in the Better World category (Websites representing green initiatives and eco–friendly organizations) was the website and 
  • in the Laurels category (NGOs and organizations with a mission to promote training or European-wide projects ) the  

The website was its category winner, and we couldn’t be more proud! 

.eu Web Awards winners won the .eu Web Award 2023 in “The Laurels” category

The winners in each category were: 

The Leaders category:
The Rising Stars category:
The Better World category:
The House of .eu category:
The Laurels category:
The Youth Award category:

And an award for us! 

This year’s .eu Web Awards also had another surprise. For the first time, the ceremony included an award addressed to registrars, and Enartia, the group that Papaki belongs to, was the winner! Among 20 domain registrars, we stood out for our support of this institution and the numerous entries of our customers in the nominations. 

Such honors empower us to keep up with the same passion for providing unique services and products to our customers.  

If you read these lines, prepare/optimize a .eu website today, and let’s go together next year to claim a European distinction. The process starts in April with the nomination submission to the Registry. Then, it continues with the nomination publishing on the .eu Web Awards website and the public voting. After the public vote is over, follows the announcement of the winning websites, and in November -usually- the award ceremony takes place. 

During all this time, Papaki is always by your side for everything you need, as it is by your side every moment in everything you need regarding your digital presence!

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