6 things we learned at SEO Vibes on Tour Athens

SEO Vibes Athens

02 May 2024, by

SEO Vibes came to Athens for the 2nd year, and Papaki supported it as a sponsor! Our team was at the Impact Hub, talked with people, and attended the interesting talks held by SEO experts from various industries.  

And since the event was sold out, we kept some useful notes for you in case you have a website! So, below we share with you 6 things we learned at SEO Vibes Athens.

1. Traffic is not the only goal 

Many times to increase your site traffic, you target high-volume keywords. However, the conversion rate, i.e. the percentage of visitors who end up purchasing from your site is low. So, traffic should not be the only criterion, as Alexandros Galinos, Head Of SEO of hoppa and Co-Founder & Marketing Manager of Parents Hub, mentioned in his speech.    

However, you can target keywords with lower, 3-digit volume but higher value for your business. Therefore, by doing so, you are better targeting your audience and increasing the likelihood that visitors who come to your site will ultimately go on to make a purchase.    

2. AI is not always useful for SEO 

AI is useful to automate tasks. Where is it not effective? When it has to do with creativity mostly, as Krešimir Ćorlukić, CEO of Canonical SEO agency, explained.    

For example, it can be helpful for content writing, but you need to enter several data and make a series of prompts to get a complete answer. Also, it is not useful in keyword research or calculations, in providing you with accurate information, or in helping you make decisions.   

3. A good SEO strategy is focused on the customer’s needs 

SEO strategy, as mentioned by Christos Managoudis, Head of Performance at Spotawheel, should focus on creating unique content that responds to the needs and searches of customers. So, based on the market, user psychology, appropriate keyword targeting, and customer feedback you can create useful content for your visitors that will provide them with solutions to become your customers.   

4. There is a way to properly manage a sudden drop 

A sudden drop on your page should not panic you, Eleanna Petsa, SEO Manager of Kaizen Gaming said in her speech. You can check Google Analytics to get a first insight into why this happened, check Google Search Console to see from which page specifically was lost the traffic, and take similar actions by comparing the data before and after the incident. Of course, always keep in mind the quality of the content.   

5. Think broadly before operating in another country 

Suppose you want to develop your business in other countries. In that case, you need to do comprehensive research and check the legislation first, as Vassilis Faroupos, Group SEO Director at Novibet pointed out. And of course, he mentioned that you should register your domain with the appropriate extensions (e.g. tositemou.fr if you operate in France) or use subsidiaries (e.g. tositemou.com/fr).   

6. It is important to participate in community events  

If there’s one thing we can confirm, it is certainly worth participating in community events. In this way, you stay informed about the latest updates in your industry, especially if you are involved in SEO and eCommerce in general. We fully enjoyed it and we believe there is always value in sharing practices that evolve professionals and the industry.   

Papaki has been standing by the side of all professionals with high-quality products and services for 20 years and supports any initiative that promotes online entrepreneurship.   

We thank Whitepress Greece and Impact Hub for their hospitality and we renew our rendezvous for a future event. Stay tuned! 

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