.GR Domain Registration Audit

Papaki is the first registrar in Greece that provides you with the option of a Domain Names Registration Audit. Using this service you minimize the possibility that your registration is not approved by EETT, the Greek domains authority.

What is the difference from the other Greek Registrars?

All greek domain name registrations are subject for approval by ΕΕΤΤ, the Greek Governmental Authority for Domain Registrations. The approvals are processed every 5 days. With our Domain Names Audit Service, a Domain Consultant checks if your registration is valid according to EETT regulations, so as to ensure that it will not be cancelled by EETT after 5 working days.

What happens if the Domain Consultant finds out that my registration is not valid according to EETT regulations?

Within 2 days the Domain Consultant checks your domain registration. If they find that the registration is not valid, the money that you paid for the registration is returned to your account and they send you a detailed email with instructions on how to resubmit the registration of the domain name in order to be approved by EETT.

Does this mean that when using this service the domain name is not registered live?

The domain name registration activation is live from the first moment that you make the order. You may instantly set the nameservers and use it.

What information is being checked?

The Domain Consultant checks for the registration application to be in accordance with the article 8 of the Regulation on Management and Registration of Domain Names 254/71/31.5.2002 and the amending decisions.

To be more specific, we check if the domain is related to a geographical area or code of a country, if it is a keyword on the web and if the application is correctly completed.

The Domain Consultant does not check whether the customer tries to re-register a domain which has been deleted in the past according to the article 9 of the regulation, without having a reason for this new domain registration application. They check if this registration application is on contrary to public order and morality, if done with obvious bad faith, if the name consists of alphanumeric data which are officially point of the Greek state and other states according to the Article 6 of the Paris Convention on Industrial Property, and if it is a point of great symbolic importance.