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If you want to create your business website, a personal portfolio, an online store or your personal blog and the audience you want to address is not necessarily your own country’s residents, then maybe .EU is the perfect TLD to get your ideas online.

Let’s get things clear from the start …

What is a .EU domain name?

.EU is the European TLD for domain names! It is the official TLD of the European Union and it has first appeared in the market for registration in 2005. This ccTLD has given Europe its own online identity while promoting the development of e-commerce. It has managed to gain fast users’ confidence, so his development has been rapid. Today, it counts over 4 million registered domain names, which confirms that Europe has managed to create an online community. Do you want to be a part of it?

Who can register a .EU domain?

Any company or organization based on the European Union and any natural person living in the EU is eligible to register a .EU domain name.

It is an excellent choice if you want to reach out European countries. Essentially, using this TLD is a proof that your business, products or services is designed to meet the needs of this market. With over 743 million people in Europe, a .eu domain allows you to address to a huge audience.

Explore its potentials!

This TLD is mostly used for websites with pan-European or international character and audience. Usually, it is used to emphasize the European identity of a business and to differentiate itself from a domestic .com or websites with global and commercial use.

At the same time allows you, if you wish, to add an extra layer of security at your domain, by activating DNSSEC (Domain System Security Extensions Name) service. What does this mean? Practically the DNSSEC records introduce digital signatures in the data DNS, verify the source and confirm their authenticity, as they move within the internet. This means that when a user enters an address with DNSSEC enabled, the response received, meaning the site where it is redirected, has its authority verified for authenticity. Currently, the TLDs that support DS records are .EU and .GR domain names. You can add the records for free through the Control Panel. Sign in to your control panel, go to the domain you want and click on the nameservers icon. You will find the related link to the DS records on the right.

5 + 1 reasons to choose a .EU domain

  • To register your European identity online. With a .EU domain name your customers can easily identify that your business is European.
  • To protect your business brand name, preventing third parties to use it.
  • To get a domain name or a keyword, that it is not available in any other TLDs.
  • Ideal for companies and individual interested in targeting specific geographical areas, but not limited to one country. (e.g..gr, .de, .it etc. domain names)
  • You can use it as an online ” passport “to have easy access to European markets of other countries.
  • It is an established reliable TLD.

How can I protect my brand name with a .eu domain?

The trade name -brand name- of a business is, without a doubt, the most valuable asset for its existence, regardless of its size. Claiming this name by a third party, and the failure to defend and protect it, can seriously affect the operation and reputation of a company, sometimes even with disastrous results!

Your brand name is your products’ or services’ identity and you want your customers to trust it, so you have to make sure that the domain name you will choose is unique and it represents only your business. Registering a domain name is the first step to create your online presence. A “clever” and catchy domain name, can help you to launch your website with full forces and strengthen your brand! An .EU TLD is a worthy investment, not only if you are starting now to create your online identity. It is ideal if you already have created an online profile, but you want to target Internet users in the European Union. .EU makes it easier to increase your online visibility, helping you target not just individual countries but the European Union as a whole. At the same time adds prestige and protect your brand from any potential malicious use. Register your .EU domain only for € 4.90 / year from € 6.99 and promote your business to a new market.

If you have your own company or you represent one and you are interested in learning more things about how you can protect it by ensuring appropriate names domain, you can contact us. Our support team from our Corporate Services department can direct you on how you can protect your brand and help manage your business domain portfolio, providing you the best solutions to ensure uninterrupted control of your domains.

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