Reasons to choose a .art domain 

why to choose a .art

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April 15th is World Art Day but art and creativity worths to be celebrated daily. If you want to stand out in the art community, the .art extension can help you create memorable, unique, and relevant domain names that fit your website perfectly. There are about 1,589 TLDs, each designated to reflect a particular purpose. But, as you can easily guess, the .art domain caters to creative websites that contain artistic content. 

Reasons .art domain is worth choosing 

Out of the many obscure TLDs that people don’t seem to be paying enough attention to, the .art domain comes across as an attractive and sensible option that you should definitely consider.  

Here are some reasons why a .art domain is the perfect choice for your website.  

Short, popular, and precise  

Domain names on the internet are analogous to license plates in the real world. So, if you intend to get noticed quickly and easily, a shorter and more relevant domain name is what you need. This applies perfectly to the .art domain, which is commonly used by artists and creative endeavors who need to grab the attention of their target audience quickly.  

Being a short three-letter domain name, the .art is not only memorable but also adds to the aesthetics of the website.  

A .art domain is quite popular. Many big names such as the Marina Abramovic Institute and Porsche use .art domains. Such a strong community backs the .art domain and carries an inherent brand value that would help you associate the same prestige with your website as well. Browsers looking into curated content, and artistic web content would be more welcoming of your site if it comes with a .art domain name. It adds credibility and provides a specialized identity to your websites.  

Why should you settle with hyphenated names or variations of a popular domain name? With a .art,  you also get to have more choices as it is relatively recent compared to the traditional .com domain names. Thus, you can choose from the many available precise names under the .art domain.  

Good investment potential  

A .art domain continues to grow in popularity and has been ranked high among the newly launched TLDs. As of now, the .art community counts more than 250,000 domains, and the number continues to grow.  

It has a huge potential market, considering that artists, creatives, art-related businesses, museums, and galleries worldwide would be looking for their .art domains. It is also an ideal domain name for businesses looking to expand their creative side. Thus, it provides good value for use for yourself or as an investment down the line. Now is a great time to invest in .art domains as the competition is lesser when compared to other usual domain names.  

The perfect domain for creative content  

.art for creative content

Standing apart from the crowd requires you to pay attention to every single detail. Thus, if you post creative content and self-expressive branding on your website, it makes sense to choose a .art domain. This helps your visitors gain instant relatability with your site and helps you connect to your target audience more efficiently.  

It is a perfect match for sites that need creative branding, and make it instantly identifiable as an artistic site. It helps you connect with the growing artistic community and be able to share your work with more visibility in the relevant online spaces.  

Good for SEO  

Search engines are always optimizing their algorithm to find relevant content. Thus, if you are serving creative content, naming your websites with an apt domain name such as the .art domain will make it easier to optimize for SEO. A study by the Domain Name Association in 2017 found that highly relevant TLDs need fewer inbound links when compared to generic TLDs to get higher page ranks.  

Easy and available  

Are you a website owner and do you hesitate to move to a .art domain due to the expected changes and upkeep that come with it? We have some good news for you!

Getting a .art domain is easy and requires no big refactoring on your part. The names you had to compete tooth and nail for in a .com domain could be readily available with the .art domain.  

Even if you already have another domain, you can get an additional .art domain and simply redirect it to your existing site. Registering for a .art domain is easy and is also the right thing to do as early as possible, given the growing competition in the online spaces. If you don’t get it, you may risk losing ownership of a relevant domain name for your site. Anyone, both individuals and organizations across the world, is open to registering and transferring to the .art domain name.  

Supports Healing 

Contribute to the greater good. Every .art domain sale helps fund the Art Therapy Initiative to support and promote the healing power of art. The .art has already committed to a $1 million fellowship for graduate studies in Art Therapy at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. 


In summary, a .art domain presents compelling reasons for creatives to consider. It does not only boost brand recognition but also cultivates a sense of belonging within the artistic community. As it gains traction, embracing it becomes a savvy choice for artists seeking to establish a unique online presence. 

Look at some great .art sites registered on Papaki to get inspired:,,, 

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