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09 July 2019, by

At Papaki we daily receive dozens of requests, which refer to the different needs of people who wish to host their site online. Be it a demanding e-shop or a personal blog, what matters to us is to serve each individual need that comes up, on a daily basis.

One of the needs we have seen often coming up is hosting sites with increased demands on resources. Under that perspective, we decided to enrich our hosting services through a new series of products, including Semi-Dedicated Hosting plans. But what is Semi-Dedicated hosting? Let’s find out more next!

What is Semi-Dedicated hosting?

This is a special type of hosting, in between Web Hosting and more specialized types of hosting, such as VPS or Dedicated Hosting. More specifically: this is Shared hosting too, meaning that the Server’s resources are shared by different customers.

And when we talk about resources, we mainly refer to the following:



This is what handles the management and execution of commands and processes. Bigger CPU translates to the execution of more commands and hence to better performance.




This is responsible for the temporary storage and disposal of data required for the execution of a program or an application. Bigger RAM equals more data to which the CPU has immediate access, for the execution of the respective commands.





Τhe speed in which the data is read or saved to the server disk. High speeds here as well are translated to a fast site with better performance.


What is the difference with Web Hosting?

The difference, when compared to simple Web Hosting, is that a smaller number of plans are hosted on the server.

And what does this mean in practice? That the overall server resources are still shared, but they serve fewer plans and therefore larger volume of resources may be assigned to each hosted plan, so that more demanding sites can be served, promptly and properly.

In combination with the usage of NVMe SSD disks, which ensure high speeds of transferring data, reduced delays, higher responses, and larger IOPS, all the above lead to the improved performance of the hosted site.

What are the benefits of Semi-Dedicated hosting?

As mentioned, demanding sites that are hosted to Semi-Dedicated hosting solutions, thanks to the option of using more resources, are much faster, presenting better performance & greater credibility, in comparison with their hosting to a simple Web Hosting plan. However, besides that, Semi-Dedicated hosting provides additional advantages:

● Better performance and higher speed, which in turn helps SEO and lead to a higher ranking for the site in Google search results.

● It comes with easy management. The user does not need to have specialized management knowledge, as s/he may be able to manage her/his plan and its functions through the easy to use Plesk platform, as happens in the simple Web Hosting option.

Furthermore, Papaki team undertakes the server management at a higher level. The user does not have to worry about security updates, patches or upgrades that are related to the OS or the server management panel. The only thing s/he needs to take care of is the update to the app versions hosted at her/his Semi-Dedicated plan (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, etc).

● The user may compartmentalize the disk space assigned to each mailbox with unique limitations, as far as her/his Semi-Dedicated plan is concerned.

More flexibility and greater security in the site changes. Thanks to the 3 backups received automatically on a daily basis through the R1Soft Backup app, even if something goes wrong with an update or any other change to your site, the opportunity to restore data from multiple backups guarantees flawless functionality.

● It is a value for money service with advanced possibilities. Its price may be higher than Web Hosting, but it is still more affordable than more advanced VPS solutions and Dedicated Hosting, which come with additional charges in case the customer desires an integrated solution with management services, Backup or Control Panel.

Is Semi-Dedicated Hosting the perfect solution for me?

A static site or even a simple dynamic site with small database or low traffic may be served through a simple Web Hosting plan without any problem. Nevertheless, sites with multiple and/or large databases or sites with great visibility, such as portals, news agency sites or large e-commerce sites, are in need of further processing power and speed, so that they are kept fast and present good performance.

So the answer to the question as to whether or not Semi-dedicated hosting is ideal for you depends on your site’s requirements. If it is not particularly demanding, then simple Web Hosting is able to cover you.

But then again, if your site comes with truly great demands in guaranteed resources (e.g. in case you need to build a site with streaming services or you own an e-commerce site with great visibility and a really large product database), then it is more prudent for you to move towards VPS or Dedicated Hosting solutions.

If, however, your site’s demands are somewhere in between and you have practically realized that Web Hosting does not serve you, while you do not wish to go straight to VPS / Dedicated solutions, then you have the option to try out Semi-Dedicated Hosting services. Just choose one of the available options at Papaki and watch your site skyrocket!


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