The top 7 chatbot software

top 7 chatbot software

14 March 2022, by

Chatbots today is a great tool that many types of companies can use. It can be a perfect 24-hour digital assistant for sales and leads, answering questions, arranging meetings, and interacting with your audience.

Moreover, chatbots connected to social media, especially to Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM, offer more possibilities, as they effectively use the advantages of social media and their audience.

In fact, there are 3 chatbot software types today:

  1. The simple ones, that follow predefined chat flows 
  2. The smart ones which use AI and create chat flows
  3. The hybrid ones which combine both the features of simple and smart chatbots.

Creating a chatbot can be quite a complicated process. Although, the ready-made solutions developed for chatbot applications in recent years made the process much easier.

Most chatbot software, especially those mentioned below, do not need code – knowledge. Their installation is simple, and the chat flow creation takes place in a graphic environment, providing much more ready-made templates to make the chatbot creation much easier.


Manychat, with a pleasant and easy-to-use working environment, offers the ability to create Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM chatbots, but also for SMS. It provides many ready-made templates for e-commerce and lead generation and supports integrations with Shopify, Paypal, Stripe, Google Sheets, Hubspot, and thousands of apps through Zappier. It has drag-n-drop functionality, it is easy to install and start working with it.


SurveySparrow’s chatbot is quite focused on creating custom surveys through chat. It is ideal for getting feedback and information from your site customers/visitors using clever, multilingual, customized surveys with the possibility of branching (if / else). It is quite easy to create a chat flow, and it provides you rich reporting and analytics, multiple integrations using Salesforce, Hubspot, Zappier, etc.


The Drift chatbots mainly focus on B2B, and it is more on lead generation without forms. The purpose of the Drift chatbot is to pose questions and collect data to create potential customers on your business CRM.

It can automatically arrange appointments for sales teams based on availability in calendars. It is also compatible with knowledge base tools (such as Zendesk) to display answers to user queries. Drift chatbots are available to work on websites and apps.

Zendesk Answer Bot

The Answer Bot of Zendesk is a chatbot solution that perfectly works with Zendesk Knowledge Base. It comes to covering support issues and helping those working in your business support team serve your clients. Answer Bot gets information from the help database to answer the user queries, uses deep learning, creates support tickets, and is multilingual.


MobileMonkey chatbot offers an Omni-Chat solution. It can support Instagram, Web, Facebook Messenger, and SMS. It is easy-to-use, offering many useful features, and it is suitable for agencies, as well as for small and medium businesses. It is also compatible with Facebook Messenger Ads for more leads and sales. 


Chatfuel is a great and easy-to-use chatbot for Facebook Messenger and Instagram, which you can also use on your website. Chatfuel uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand and recognize human phrases and send predefined answers. It collects information from its interaction with people and data related to its performance. It is compatible with Facebook Messenger Ads for lead generation, support, and more.


Olark is a good chatbot choice that focuses on lead generation, sales growth, and customer service support. It also provides chat field adaptability, complete chat history, real-time performance tracking, targeting, and automation. Of course, there are a lot of integrations available, a live chat team support platform, and good management. Olark excels at this.

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