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27 March 2024, by

Text-to-audio, or text-to-speech, has recently emerged as a new way of consuming content that allows users to hear rather than read the content. Many people prefer to read blogs and articles and even complete courses through natural-sounding speech rather than reading them. 

Moreover, multiple new technologies like speech synthesis, natural language processing, neural networks, and linguistic processing allow the smooth enabling of natural-sounding voices with multiple language accents to any text. 

How do I convert text to audio on a WordPress site? 

Though it sounds complicated, it’s super easy to add text to audio in any blog, article, or piece of content and turn it into a podcast. It can be simple by using WP text-to-audio or, commonly, text-to-speech (TTS) plugins. 

To implement it into text, all the users have to do is use it like any other WordPress plugin. Once you have selected the plugin you want, visit your WordPress dashboard, go to the ‘Add new plugins’ section, search for the required text-to-audio plugin, and click on Install > Activate it. 

You can later configure the plugin in the admin interface. 

Top Text-To-Audio WordPress plugins that support the Greek language 

1. ResponsiveVoice text to speech 

ResponsiveVoice is a popular WordPress text-to-audio plugin. It has an HTML-5-based text-to-speech library that includes both male and female voices. Among the available voices, you can also find the Greek female voiceover. 

Top features of ResponsiveVoice: 

  • Shortcodes for each feature available, like changing the voice pitch, volume, and rate. 
  • Allows changing the button text from the default ‘Listen to this’ to anything else like ‘Play.’ 
  • Supports 168 voices in over 50 languages. 
  • Provides unlimited text-to-audio conversions. 
  • Makes your website more inclusive for the visually impaired and elderly. 
  • ResponsiveVoice Pro for more advanced features like page welcome messages, speaking menus and links, etc. 

2. Talkify text-to-speech 

Talkify is a WordPress text-to-audio solution wherein users can turn their text on blogs, articles, and other website content into audio or speech. 

It provides over 400 voiceovers available in 50 languages, of which Greek is one. To convert any text to audio, you must add the Talkify button anywhere on the page. 

Top features of Talkify: 

  • You can control audio attributes by changing pitch, voice, and volume. 
  • Enables the mixing and matching of voices to add variation and richness to dialogue delivery. 
  • Supports child voice to add voiceover to children’s content. 
  • Allows adding multiple ‘Talkify’ buttons on the page and configuring them separately. 
  • Option to choose from 4 user interfaces, allowing easy playback control.  

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3. Speaker: page to speech plugin 

The Speaker is yet another WordPress plugin that supports Greek text-to-audio conversion. It can convert text into 52+ languages in over 340 different voices. It’s based on the Google Cloud Platform, which ensures its reliability and speed. 

It’s filled with many features that come for $29 per month. 

Top features of the Speaker: 

  • Known for its high-fidelity audio powered by WaveNet, Neural2, and Google neural networks. 
  • The only plugin that uses speech synthesis markup language (SSML) allows users to fine-tune speech for each article. 
  • SSML also enables adding multiple voices to a single article. 
  • Provides analytics for each audio within the article itself 
  • Contains an RSS feed constructor for podcasting. 
  • Enables adding custom audio for the intro, content, and outro separately. 
  • Compatible with multiple browsers and other WP plugins like Elementor, WPBakery, WP page builders, and WordPress 6+. 
  • Allows customization by adding pauses and muting content anywhere between the blog or article.  

4. BeyondWords 

The BeyondWords plugin creates AI frictionless audio versions of WordPress posts and pages with realistic voices. It is an AI voice platform with more than 720 voices in 64 languages, including Greek, to choose from. A free version is available, but if you want to voice over more than 10,000 characters monthly (about 2,000 words), you will need a paid version starting from $89 per month. 

Top features of BeyondWords: 

  • Realistic AI voices enhanced by customizable NLP algorithms 
  • Audio creation and editing through the Text-to-Speech Editor 
  • Manage audio through the audio CMS 
  • Ability to choose the pages and posts you want to convert into audio 
  • Flexible player options 
  • Custom playlists and podcast feeds 
  • Manually audio embed and ability to share via URL 
  • Audio analytics per project 
  • Audio Ads 

 5. TrinityAudio 

TrinityAudio converts text into audio in 600 different accents in 125+ languages, and Greek is one of them. It has over 2,000+ downloads, and the basic version is free to use, wherein users can add audio to 5 articles per month from over 250 male and female voices. 

The free version is suitable for bloggers and creators with minimal usage. The paid version costs $15 per month. 

Top features of TrinityAudio:  

  • Fast audio loading speed to enhance SEO rankings and customer experience 
  • Statistics and reports on listening to audio are available through the dashboard 
  • Automatic real-time translation with multiple playing speeds 
  • Several voice styles are available for different types of content, like news reading, course reading, informal reading, etc 
  • Floating action button that enables users to scroll while reading 
  • Enables adding player features, player name, player speed, player theme, and more 

Final Words 

All the text-to-audio WordPress plugins mentioned above support the Greek language. These plugins are one of the best ways to improve your search rankings. The voice quality generated through these advanced plugins sounds completely natural. Moreover, the benefits of adjusting the voice tone, pitch, and volume, adding pauses, and selecting multiple reading styles have made using them both convenient and fun. 

Most of these plugins are free to use, so why not give them a try? 

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